Sustainable solutions to enhance land health and crop productivity

Are you an Agro-company?

Biological portfolio

Interested in developing or improving your product by adding high value microbial formulations? We can customize efficient microbial consortia according to your objectives.

Microbial mapping

Microbial indicators help to understand the health status of soils and plants. We can identify the key functional groups of microorganisms related to soil wellness and evaluate its health condition at biological level.


Simbiotica is open to short and long partnerships. We can participate in a milestone based collaboration (IP 100% client) or as a co-investor (% of co-ownership) of the new IP development.

Our objective

We offer innovative and sustainable bio-solutions based on natural plant symbionts to agro-companies who wish to improve or enlarge their biological portfolio.

We help you develop your product through our expertise and our unique technology of identifying and combining  efficient symbiotic bacteria for a variety of agronomic cultures. Tell us your objective and we will plan and execute a complete R&D project to deliver an effective biostimulant prototype for your target crop.

Our mission

To promote a productive and sustainable agriculture by enhancing the innate aptitude of natural plant-associated microorganisms in promoting plant growth and plant strenght. 

Our focus

Natural soil bacteria that are capable establishing a mutual beneficial connection with the plants, helping them to grow healthier and stronger.
Not genetically modified
Not harmful or opportunistic