Our Services

We can perform a variety of services to meet your objectives, from complete R&D projects to specific analysis to help you develop or improve your product.

Need strains and scientific support? Tell us your specific needs. We can offer you our existing solutions or customize new solutions to meet your goals.

Have your own bio-agent? See how we can help you optimize it. With our expertise we can design projects or execute short assays to investigate its efficiency.

Optimization of microbial enhancers

Strains for agroindustry

Simbiotica’s bio-agents: Our collection comprises pre-characterized bacterial strains with promising beneficial effects to promote plant growth and enhance strength. 

Client’s bio-agents: We can perform tests to verify your strains’ capacity for enhancing plant growth, promote tolerance to stresses and other tests to help improve your product. We can also isolate and test new strains specifically for you.

Customized microbial-based prototypes

Want to develop a new product? Tell us your goals and we will design and execute projects for the development of biological prototypes tailored to meet your objectives.

Want to improve an existing product? Add efficient microbial consortia, designed with our innovative technology to enrich your portfolio. You can also perform specific tests to verify if your product has additional advantages at microbiological level.

Agreements: milestone or licensing-based

In a milestone based agreement your investment will cover basic costs and inventive insight of Simbiotica’s contribution. In a licensing-based agreeement we will offer you our existing solutions in exchange of a small percentage of royalties.  

Soil health analysis 

Microbial mapping

What is it? A genetic approach to evaluate biodiversity and functional groups of microorganisms which work as bioindicators of soil health.

How does it work? Through the mapping we can identify (i) the main  genus present in the soil, creating a profile of richness and abundance; (ii) evaluate the community structure based in the key functional groups, which are bioindicators of soil quality;  (iii) monitor possible interferences on the natural microbial community (e.g after the application of a certain treatment). With this information, we can estimate the biological aspects related to soil health that could impact in land productivity.

Services on demand

  • Isolation and genetic identification of strains
  • Characterization of Plant-Growth-Promoting properties
  • Compatibility tests
  • Greenhouse tests
  • Field tests
  • Microbiome analysis


Scientific support and consultancy. Contact us for more details.

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